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Our Services:




  • Valuation and expertise (Technical Due Diligence)


  • Feasibility study (Valuation - Conversion)


  • Comprehensive approach (cost, time, scope)


  • Organization of competitions (Architecture, Design...)


  • Technical assistance for the choice of Operator


  • Preparation of investment files in accordance with lender requirements


  • Technical Support Procedures / Negotiations








Assistance to Contracting Authority:


  • Advice and representation of the client with adjustable degree of representation


  • Project organization and optimization


  • Composition of team of agents and specialists


  • Financial management of projects


  • Risk management


  • Administrative and legal management


  • Control of tender and contract documentation








Project Management:


  • Project Supervision


  • Financial follow up


  • Coordination of the various consultants


  • Supervision and management of construction site


  • Assistance to the process of works acceptance


  • Expertise, inventory


  • Checking As-Built files


  • Preparation of the maintenance program.



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